WRH Group

Walter Reist Holding

Walter Reist Holding is an innovative industrial and service company that has, over the past 60 years, established itself as both a technology and market leader. Being a provider of integrated conveying systems, WRH uses this core competence to gain access to all industries. This family business is independent and its financial strength allows above-average investments in moving the company forward.


Ferag AG, with headquarters in Hinwil in the canton of Zurich, is a family-owned Swiss company specialized in the development and manufacture of conveying and processing systems in the graphical and direct mailing, as well as total intralogistic solutions across all industries along with software for the control and visualization of processes of all kinds.


The Lilienberg Foundation is a Reist family foundation dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship. Ermatingen on Lake Constance is the venue for regular events that have at their centre an exchange of opinion and discussion on political, business, social and cultural topics. With its high-class conference, hotel and restaurant facilities, the Lilienberg Foundation is a unique setting.