Industries:Intralogistic, Material Handling

At Interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf, Ferag AG successfully launched Skyfall onto the market. Skyfall is an overhead conveyor system for conveying, accumulating and order-picking in the logistics industry. When transporting goods, Skyfall makes use of gravity wherever possible, and coasts down gradients without an external drive. Before the start of Interpack 2014, the Soudal company in Belgium had already commissioned the very first Skyfall solution. Soudal is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of polyurethane foam and adhesives.

Skyfall with significant new features

Specific demands from the marketplace have led to a redesign of the overhead conveyor system. Switching-modules are one new feature, along with conveyor components for handling inclines and for buffer zones. Moreover, a new circulating conveyor enables goods to be transported from A to B over extended distances with no incline. These new key components make Skyfall the perfect solution for applications in industry, in logistics ‒ and especially in e-commerce.

Axel Springer Verlag Ahrensburg

Automatic printing plate transport

The first Skyfall user in the graphics industry is the publisher Axel Springer, in Ahrensburg. The longstanding Ferag customer uses six Skyfall lines to transport printing plates from the prepress department up to the newspaper presses. The imaged printing plates are placed by staff in containers, and transported to the upper level by Skyfall, where printing technicians take the plates and fix them to the printing cylinders. Each night, thanks to Skyfall, there is no longer a need to transport dozens of printing plates manually.